Secure shipment, arrives unscathed
Adjust without loss of quality
In-house production
Use as storage for your artwork
Artrésor. The Art of Packaging.

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Easily try-out our bespoke art packaging boxes by ordering one box at a 30% discount rate with free shipping.

Perfect art packaging for
Safely and easily ship your precious creation to your collector.
Quickly and safely ship artworks you've sold, easily done by anyone in your team.
Shippers & handlers
Don't think about custom boxing anymore. Use our boxes and easily & safely package the works for your clients.
Package, ship or receive & longterm store your artworks.
I bought a transport box for transport to America from Artrésor. I was impressed with the quality of the box. The box is easy to use and super sturdy once closed.
Hows does the Artrésor box work?

Artrésor introduces unique packaging boxes designed to ensure secure shipment of your artworks to your customers. Crafted for both aesthetics and protection, it brings joy to every recipient. Once received, the box can easily be used for artwork storage. Click the video on the right to see more.

Secure shipment, arrives unscathed
Adjust without loss of quality
Bespoke in-house production
Use as storage for your artwork

A few simple steps

1) Pick your framed or print artwork sample box below
2) Input address & other order info
3) Pay for the box (30% discount & no shipping cost)
4) Receive your box reliably through DHL

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The sample box is a small size of the chosen framed or prints artwork box. These boxes can fit any artwork up-to 40x60cm and are great as a sample box, so that you can experience the art of shipping with Artrésor quickly and affordable. If you want to order bigger boxes directly now, please to through our full art packaging webshop here.

Want to order the sample? Choose either the framed or the prints box below, and we will redirect you into our checkout where you can input the shipment info and go through the easy and reliable payment process. After payment the box will be picked up from our warehouse within two business days by DHL.

Order now and get 30% discount & no shipping cost.

Framed works sample
€ 94,50 incl. VAT
(normally € 135,-)
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Printed artwork sample
€ 84,- incl. VAT
(normally € 120,-)
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