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Artwork Packaging

Artrésor introduces unique lightweight packaging boxes designed to ensure secure shipment of your artworks to your customers.

Framed artwork box

From 135,00220,00 incl. VAT
With it's wooden edges made of 18mm plywood and bottom and lid composed of 5 layers of sturdy cardboard, this box is all you need to ship your framed art. The foam has the right strength to absorb impact from outside and keep your artwork in place without damage.

Prints artwork box

From 120,00195,00 incl. VAT
With it's wooden edges made of 18mm plywood and bottom and lid composed of 5 layers of sturdy cardboard, this box is all you need to ship your printed art. The inside cardboard layer help you put the print firmly in place. The foam has the right strength to absorb impact from outside and keep your artwork in place without damage.

Cardboard box for prints

From 50,0055,00 incl. VAT
The artwork is protected above and below by 11 layers of sturdy cardboard, 15 mm on each side. Surrounded by an extra layer of 1.5 mm cardboard.

Cardboard box for prints (5 pack)

From 235,00270,00 incl. VAT
The artwork is protected above and below by 11 layers of sturdy cardboard, 15 mm on each side. Surrounded by an extra layer of 1.5 mm cardboard. Price shown is per 5-pack.

Are you looking for a customized packaging solution that complements the uniqueness of your artwork? We are here to help!

FAQs about Artresor’s Art Packaging

  • What makes Artresor’s art shipping boxes stand out?

    Artresor’s premium art shipping boxes are a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and aesthetics. Each box is designed with premium materials that prioritize artwork protection, ensuring that each piece arrives in pristine condition. Additionally, our meticulous attention to detail and focus on enhancing the unboxing experience make our packaging a joy to receive, setting your artworks apart and underlining your brand’s commitment to excellence.

  • Are Artresor’s art shipping boxes suitable for different types of artwork?

    Absolutely! Our range of art shipping boxes is suitable for various types of artwork, including prints, framed artworks, and other unique pieces. We’ve crafted our boxes with versatility in mind, ensuring optimal protection and presentation, irrespective of the art type.

  • Can I order custom-sized art shipping boxes?

    Yes, you can. At Artresor, we understand that art comes in diverse sizes and shapes. Therefore, we offer custom-sized art shipping boxes tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your artwork fits perfectly and securely.

  • Can I customize the branding for my art packaging?

    Certainly! Branding is essential in today’s market. Artresor provides customizable branding options for your art packaging, allowing you to enhance brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

  • How do I place an order for art packaging products?

    Ordering with Artresor is a breeze. Simply visit our user-friendly art packaging webshop, browse through our range of packaging products, select your desired items, size, and quantity, and proceed to checkout. If you have any questions or need guidance during the ordering process, our customer support is just a click away.

  • How long does it take to receive my art packaging order?

    For our standardized art shipping boxes, shipping durations may vary based on the destination and the selected shipping method. Typically, for standard shipping within our primary service area, customers can expect their order to be delivered within 3-5 business days. For destinations that are international or more remote, the shipping duration is typically between 7-10 business days. We always prioritize prompt order processing to ensure timely dispatch.

    If you’re ordering in bulk quantities above 50 pieces, we will coordinate with you to establish custom delivery timelines. These can vary from our standard durations, depending on current stock availability and ongoing production schedules.

    For custom art shipping boxes, the production timeline can fluctuate depending on the intricacy of your design and the volume of your order. Once the design details have been approved, production generally takes around 2-4 weeks. Following production, we ensure a swift dispatch to get your order to you as quickly as feasible. For more precise timelines tailored to your order, we advise contacting our dedicated customer support team with your specific needs.

  • Do you offer international shipping for your art packaging?

    Yes, Artresor offers international shipping for our art packaging to destinations across Europe. However, please note that we do not currently provide shipping outside of Europe. In case you want to order a shipment outside of Europe, please contact us to discuss possible options.

    At Artresor, we are committed to ensuring our customers receive their art packaging promptly and in perfect condition. If you have any specific questions or requirements about our shipping process, please feel free to contact our customer support team for further assistance.

  • What if I have a question or need assistance with my art packaging order?

    We’re here to help! Our dedicated customer support team is available to answer any queries or assist with any challenges you might encounter. Whether it’s a question about our products, the ordering process, or anything else, reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

When it comes to shipping valuable artworks, ordinary packaging simply won’t cut it. That’s where we come in.

At Artresor, we understand the importance of specialized art packaging that not only ensures the safety and protection of your precious pieces but also adds a touch of elegance to the unboxing experience. With our commitment to using premium materials and merging functionality with aesthetics, our art packaging products are designed to exceed your expectations.

Discover our range of art print shipping boxes, framed art shipping boxes, and custom art packaging solutions – all crafted with the utmost care and craftsmanship. Order your premium art packaging today and elevate your artwork’s journey from start to finish.

The Artresor Edge: Excellence in Art Packaging

The art realm thrives on precision, elegance, and authenticity. Similarly, Artresor thrives on infusing these very qualities into our fine art packaging solutions. The ‘Artresor Edge’ isn’t just about boxes or casings—it’s about fostering a symbiotic relationship between art and its protective embrace.

We delve deep into the world of art, comprehending its fragility, value, and the emotions it encapsulates. With this understanding, we design packaging that doesn’t merely store, but rather complements and enhances the art it protects. As champions of art’s intrinsic worth, our commitment transcends basic packaging. 


Prioritizing the Importance of Specialized Art Packaging

At Artresor, we understand that when it comes to shipping valuable artworks, generic or inadequate packaging options simply won’t cut it. That’s why we offer specialized art packaging that is specifically designed to protect and preserve your precious pieces throughout their journey.

Specialized art packaging is not just about protection—it’s about paying homage to the art’s essence, its creator, and its recipient. At Artresor, we are dedicated to crafting packaging solutions that resonate with the intricacies and specifics of each art piece. Our nuanced approach considers factors like the medium, size, fragility, and artistic elements of the artwork.

Through meticulous research, design, and testing, we continually refine our packaging solutions. This ensures that every piece of art entrusted to our packaging is given the specialized care and attention it rightfully deserves. With Artresor, the art doesn’t just stay protected; it thrives, maintaining its allure and integrity for the world to cherish.

With our in-house production led by skilled craftsmen, we have full control over quality assurance, enabling us to produce high-end standardized packaging solutions, as well as customized packaging that is tailored to your specific artwork, branding and design requirements.


Commitment to Using Premium Materials for Ultimate Artwork Protection

Art, in its myriad forms, isn’t just an aesthetic pleasure; it’s an embodiment of emotion, history, and vision. This intrinsic value demands nothing but the finest protection. At Artresor, our commitment to safeguarding these treasured pieces is unwavering, and it begins with our choice of materials.

Our dedication to excellence drives us to source and utilize only premium-quality materials in the crafting of our art packaging solutions. Whether it’s the robust outer shell that resists external pressures or the cushioned interiors that cradle the artwork gently, every component is chosen with the utmost care. These materials not only offer heightened protection against potential damages from impacts, but they also help support longevity, allowing the artwork to remain over time.

But it’s not just about physical protection. The materials we use exude a quality feel, enhancing the perceived value of the artwork within and signaling to recipients that what lies inside is truly special. Trust in Artresor’s commitment to premium materials and rest assured that your art is enveloped in the finest protection possible.

Experience the unmatched quality for yourself. Elevate your artwork with Artresor’s premium art shipping boxes.


Elevating the Unboxing Experience to Delight Your Customers

The journey of art doesn’t end when it reaches its destination; in many ways, that’s where it truly begins. The unboxing moment is a pivotal experience, a bridge between anticipation and revelation, and at Artresor, we understand its profound significance.

Every aspect of our art packaging is meticulously designed to turn the unboxing process into an event. From the precise ease with which the box opens to the delicate arrangement of the art piece inside, we ensure that every moment builds on the anticipation, culminating in a memorable reveal. This attention to detail isn’t just about showcasing the artwork—it’s about evoking emotions, setting the stage for the art to shine and leaving a lasting impression on its beholder.

By crafting an elevated unboxing experience, we aim to enhance the overall value proposition of your artwork. For the end recipient, it’s not just about obtaining a piece of art, but also about being part of a journey, an experience, and a story that begins the moment they lay hands on the Artresor package. Let your customers be delighted, let the art shine brighter, and let every unboxing be a testament to your commitment to excellence.


Merging Functionality with Aesthetics in Our Packaging Designs

In the realm of art, where aesthetics reign supreme, packaging should never be an afterthought. At Artresor, we believe that the box housing your art should be as captivating as the masterpiece inside. But we also understand that aesthetics alone aren’t enough. Packaging must perform its primary function—protecting and preserving the artwork.

Our design philosophy centers around this harmonious blend of beauty and function. We craft our packaging solutions with a dual focus: to be structurally sound and visually appealing. By employing modern design principles, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and a keen eye for style, we create packaging solutions that are both durable and elegant.

The sleek exteriors, coupled with secure interiors, ensure that the artwork is not only protected from the rigors of transit but also presented in a manner that amplifies its beauty. We take pride in these meticulously crafted boxes, which serve as a fitting prelude to the artistic treasures they encase.

With Artresor, you never have to choose between functionality and aesthetics. We deliver both, ensuring that your artworks are cradled in packaging that’s worthy of their magnificence.

Our dedication to excellence drives us to source and utilize only premium-quality materials in the crafting of our art packaging solutions.

Explore Our Premium Art Packaging Products

Delving into the world of art requires a deep appreciation for detail, beauty, and protection. Recognizing these essentials, Artresor has curated a diverse range of premium art packaging products, each tailored to cater to specific artwork types and requirements. From prints and framed masterpieces to sculptures, we’ve crafted a solution for every artistic endeavor.

As purveyors of quality and style, we’ve ensured that each product in our lineup embodies our commitment to excellence. Whether you’re an artist, a gallery owner, or an art enthusiast, our comprehensive range ensures that your precious pieces are enveloped in the utmost care.

Navigate through our selection and discover the perfect packaging that resonates with your art’s distinct character and your brand’s ethos. Every box tells a story, and with Artresor, it’s always one of sophistication and superior protection.


Art Print Shipping Boxes

Dedicated to artists who’ve transformed their visions into tangible prints, our art print shipping boxes stand as a testament to protection combined with style. Art prints, with their delicate nature and intricacy, deserve a packaging that mirrors their elegance while ensuring they remain pristine from studio to destination.

Our shipping boxes for prints have been designed meticulously to cater to the diverse dimensions of prints. Whether it’s a petite illustration or a grandiose landscape, these boxes are crafted to snugly fit, preventing unwanted movement during transit. The material used strikes the right balance between sturdiness and lightweight, ensuring that while your art remains safeguarded, it doesn’t weigh down the entire package unnecessarily.

Packaging Tailored for Shipping Prints, Offering Versatility and Safety

Understanding the nuanced world of art prints, we’ve emphasized versatility in our design approach. From the thickness of the paper to the type of print, the shipping needs can vary, and our boxes rise to the challenge every single time. The interior is sculpted in a way that minimizes friction, reducing the risk of scuffs or damage.

One of the standout features of our boxes is the commitment to ensuring that prints remain flat during transit. We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of a print, free from unwanted creases or bends. Our flat shipping boxes for art prints, therefore, incorporate features that secure the artwork in place, ensuring it reaches its destination just as it left the studio.

Safety remains paramount, and we’ve infused multiple layers of protective measures to counteract the jostles and pressures of shipping. With Artresor’s art print shipping boxes, you’re not just sending art; you’re sending a promise of quality and care that your recipients will undoubtedly appreciate.


Framed Art Shipping Boxes

Art, when adorned with a frame, gains an added layer of beauty and importance. But with this beauty comes the challenge of ensuring its safe transit. Frames, with their edges, dimensions, and often glass or plexiglass components, need specialized packaging that understands and respects their intricate design. Artresor’s shipping boxes for framed art are the answer to this very need. Be very careful with real glass, because it is very sensitive to breaking during shipping.

Each box is engineered with the realities of shipping in mind. Considering the added weight and structure of frames, our boxes are constructed to offer a steadfast shield against potential external damages. The edges, often the most vulnerable part of a framed piece, are enveloped in added protective layers, mitigating the risk of dings and cracks.

Conceived with the intention to safeguard every element of framed artworks, these boxes provide a cocoon of security. The dimensions have been crafted to accommodate the varied sizes that frames come in, from petite portrait frames to expansive views. Moreover, the internal structure is built in a manner that firmly holds the artwork in place, preventing any unsettling movements that might jeopardize the frame or the art within.

Secure Packaging Solutions for Framed Artworks of Various Sizes

Every artwork is unique, and so is its frame. With a range of frame sizes and designs in the art world, we’ve ensured that our packaging solutions are adaptable. Whether it’s a compact, minimalistic frame or a large, ornate masterpiece, our shipping boxes adjust to the task, offering precise fit and comprehensive protection.

Our boxes are built on a foundation of security. With the diverse range of framed artworks in mind, we’ve crafted solutions that offer reinforced corners, cushioning interiors, and secure closures. These elements work in harmony to keep your framed pieces safe.

Our commitment extends beyond just protection. With Artresor, you’re entrusting your framed artworks to a packaging that understands and respects the art within. Our shipping solutions aim to mirror the beauty of the contents, providing a harmonious blend of security and elegance that resonates with the grandeur of the framed art it protects.


Custom Art Shipping Boxes

Art is as diverse as the imagination that births it, and so are its packaging needs. Recognizing this, Artresor offers custom art shipping boxes to cater to the eclectic and often specific demands of different artworks. From unconventional sizes to unique shapes, our custom solutions are designed to meet the intricacies that standard packaging might overlook.

Crafted with precision and a keen understanding of the art world’s nuances, our boxes are more than just containers; they are protective enclaves tailored to encapsulate the art’s essence, ensuring its journey from one destination to another is as esteemed as the artwork itself.

Bespoke Packaging Solutions for Unique and Specialized Art Needs

Our custom packaging approach begins with listening. We understand the varied requirements that artists and galleries might have and strive to turn those visions into tangible packaging solutions. Whether it’s a peculiar size, an unusual shape, or specific protective elements, our team collaborates closely with clients to bring their vision to life.

Beyond functionality, Artresor’s custom boxes echo the distinction of the artwork inside. Each box is not just about fitting the art but celebrating it, reflecting the care, passion, and importance it holds. We provide clients with a comprehensive customization experience, enabling you to integrate personalized design and branding options. If you envision a box adorned with a unique motif, logo, or specific colors that resonate with your brand, Artresor ensures your vision transforms into reality.

Every layer of customization, from functional tweaks to aesthetic enhancements, is carried out with meticulous attention to detail. Our team collaborates closely with clients, understanding their specific requirements and crafting a packaging solution that’s an extension of their artistic endeavor.

The result? Art packaging that’s not just protective but also serves as a powerful branding tool, creating a lasting impression even before the box is opened. When you choose Artresor’s customized art shipping boxes, you’re not just selecting a packaging solution; you’re opting for a masterpiece that complements the art it houses.

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Order Your Art Packaging Today

Navigating the world of art can be intricate, but ensuring your artworks are well-protected and presented shouldn’t be difficult. Artresor simplifies this for you. When you’re ready to elevate your artwork’s safety, presentation, and unboxing experience, our premium range of art packaging solutions awaits your selection.

Elevate your packaging journey today. The ideal packaging for your art pieces is just a click away! Whether you’re looking to buy a single shipping box, purchase in bulk, or order specialized packaging online, Artresor streamlines the process for you. Dive into our webshop and discover the exceptional quality we bring to your doorstep. Experience the convenience of easy online purchasing, backed by our promise of excellence in every box.

Invest in the best for your art, and order your Artresor packaging today!


Easy Online Ordering Process

At Artresor, we understand that your time is precious. That’s why we’ve invested in creating a straightforward, user-friendly webshop for your artwork packaging needs. From selecting the appropriate packaging type to finalizing the specifics of your order, our online ordering process is streamlined to ensure a hassle-free experience. With clear product descriptions, high-resolution images, and an intuitive interface, you can effortlessly browse and place your order in just a few clicks. Plus, with our secure checkout system, you can buy with confidence, knowing your transaction is safe. Simplify your art packaging procurement; choose Artresor’s easy online ordering process.


Fast and Reliable Delivery of Your Art Packaging Products

In the world of art, timing can be everything. Whether you’re prepping for an upcoming exhibition, fulfilling a customer’s order, or safeguarding a piece for a collector, Artresor is committed to ensuring your packaging arrives promptly and in pristine condition. Our robust logistics network, combined with partnerships with reputable delivery services, guarantees that your art packaging products reach you in the shortest time possible. Each order undergoes meticulous quality checks before dispatch, and is then packaged with care to withstand the rigors of transit. When you order from Artresor, you’re not just buying top-tier artwork packaging—you’re also investing in peace of mind, knowing that your products will be delivered swiftly and securely. Don’t leave your art’s safety to chance; trust in Artresor’s fast and reliable delivery.


Dedicated Customer Support for All Your Packaging Queries

Navigating the intricacies of art packaging can be daunting, but with Artresor, you’re never alone on this journey. Our dedicated customer support team stands at the ready to address any queries or concerns you may have about our products. From understanding the nuances of different packaging types to assisting with customization options, our knowledgeable representatives provide tailored solutions and guidance every step of the way.

Ensuring our clients feel supported and valued is at the heart of our ethos. Whether you’re a seasoned gallery owner, an independent artist, or someone new to the art world, we’re committed to offering service that matches the excellence of our products. With Artresor’s dedicated support, your art packaging journey is seamless, informed, and thoroughly enjoyable.

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